Privacy Policy

User’s personal information are completely private and confidential.

Nabed services require account creation. Once user creates an account, some personal information is needed, which may include: Name, Age, Gender, Mobile Phone Number, Email, Diagnosis and others.

Why Nabed collects this information

Nabed may use the collected information to:

  • Register user to specific services and programs.
  • Provide user with access to particular tools and features.
  • Respond to user’s inquiries.
  • Make sure Nabed services meet user’s needs.
  • Obtain user’s feedback on sites and services.
  • Statistically analyse user’s behaviour and activity.
  • Provide user with personalized health educational content based on his profile and interests.
  • Introduce new services according to user’s needs.
  • Inform user about news, announcements and new Nabed services.

Nabed will not share any personal information about the user to any party. In addition, Nabed will not answer any medical question.

Nabed provides general and personalized content which covers chronic disease management, in addition to pre and post surgical procedures.

All content provided is referenced by top leading medical institutes and is used to complement and not replace the doctor’s role. Nabed is not responsible for any medical decision the user take.


Information Protection

Nabed takes security measures to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the user’s personal information.


Updates to this policy

We may change this Privacy Policy anytime. So this page should be checked permanently.