NABED and Good Health Cardiac Clinic Inc. collaborate to elevate the patient experience and engagement throughout the clinical journey
November 8, 2022

Good Health Cardiac Clinic Inc. – Canada teams up with NABED as an innovation partner to implement a patient-centric digital engagement and onboarding process inside and outside the clinic’s physical walls.

This collaboration will bridge the gaps between physicians and patients by making every touchpoint an engagement opportunity from the moment patients are onboarded, while in the consultation room, and even after-care. In addition, the platform will help improve targeted and personalized referrals from primary care to specialty care.

Adopting this innovative technology is essential for both physicians and patients. It helps empower medical professionals to highly target their communication, and deliver positive impact on patient experiences leading to better outcomes.


NABED is an innovative and engaging platform that empowers healthcare practitioners and simplifies the delivery of patient-centric care for the best possible outcomes.

About Good Health Cardiac Clinic Inc.

Good Health Cardiac Clinic is a cardiac clinic group looking to support the reduction of wait times to 3-5 days across Ontario and the rest of Canada while empowering patients. We believe patients deserve an experience that is timely, efficient, and educational while ensuring we deliver the best care in coordination with the healthcare system and our clinical stakeholders.

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