Mass Gatherings Conference Features Nabed’s Digital Ecosystem
December 12, 2019

Nabed participated in The Fourth International Conference for Mass Gatherings Medicine, organized by the Ministry of Health and held in Jeddah from 10 to 13 December.

Nabed’s CEO, Mr. Adnan Abu Sharar, discussed how Nabed’s ecosystem, an advanced technology architect with credible content, can be used as an innovative tool to engage with patients.

In addition, Nabed’s role in crowd management was highlighted through its ability to standardize the Ministry of Health’s messages to patients during the Hajj period or in areas with high population. During the event, Nabed evaluated the findings of the pilot phase done in five healthcare facilities.

Moreover, Deputy Minister for Public Health Dr. Hani Jokhdar talked about the importance of digital transformation in crowd management. With its ecosystem, Nabed is seeking to be part of the crowd management regarding patients’ education and awareness.

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